Yoga teacher, adventurer, storyteller happily based in California 🌼
Dancing with redwoods, Big Sur, California, Christmas 2021

Driving the 46 West, I decided to send Christmas greetings to everyone I love. I wanted to be the first this year, for some reason. I can’t explain it. A feeling came over me. So I began. I mostly used voice memos to express gratitude for each person and wish…

Yellow primrose flower (photograph mine)

I spent my entire 40th year looking forward to turning 40. I was never 39. I was always almost 40. I was truly, sincerely excited by the idea of being 40. I was under the impression turning 40 was going to propel me to greater and greater heights. …


It’s been five years since I left South Sudan. I still remember the morning I left. I remember the light and the smells in the airport. I remember being driven along the streets of Juba, staring out my window as I tried to take it all in one last time.


“Failure is where all of the lessons are. Successful people fail a lot. They fail a whole lot more than they succeed. They extract the lessons from the failure and they use the wisdom to come around to the next phase of success.” ~Will Smith

After months of training, I…

Image mine

There is a day
when the road neither
comes nor goes, and the way
is not a way but a place.

~Wendell Berry, Sabbath Poems XXII

I’ve been sitting, lying, sleeping, eating, icing, crying, laughing, reading — inside this place where I live for the past four days straight. Not…

Lindsay with an a

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